About Us





t  MCN European Enterprises we make genuine modern, mid-century, and traditional designs accessible. This means real time delivery and stylish designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our business started when founder Michael Isaacs tried to renovate his home with clean, simple designs while living in Chicago. He found that the offerings of other manufacturers were the typical cookie cutter or run of the mill styles. Others were so high priced that there was no balance between design and quality.

1-italy-luxury-villas-mainThere had to be a better way. While traveling extensively throughout Europe he reached out to the top Italian companies to engineer and manufacture his design concepts into a chic reality. The MCN European Enterprises collection is the result of that collaboration.

By giving customers access to the best in modern, mid-century, and traditional iconic works that extend throughout an entire series whether it’s a faucet, shower valve or shower head each piece is precisely engineered to be a true standout. Each item is developed to be fresh and harmonious within your home. Authenticity is what we offer.

We invite you to visit our collections and you will experience the lifestyle you deserve. Or better yet, visit a MCN dealer near you for additional assistance and guidance.

At MCN we are passionate about design.